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KIMDELSSOHN ran a booth at BTS Permission to Dance on Stage - Las Vegas 2022 !!

Arrival at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

We finally arrived at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas after a long flight. It was so sunny in Las Vegas and the sky was clear.

When we stood in front of the Allegiant Stadium, we were overwhelmed by its huge size!

We couldn't believe that we were going to run a booth there. Every one of us were so excited to be in Las Vegas for BTS concert.

Booth installation & BTS products exhibition

We had the honor of presenting our BTS canned and bottled coffee to BTS fans at Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas.

It wasn't easy to set up our booth because of the strong wind, but we finished installing it successfully!

We were so excited to introduce our BTS limited edition canned coffee (americano hazelnut) that is only available at Kimdelssohn shop and it attracted more people than we expected.

People are attracted by its 3 different lovely colors (purple, white, green) and cute design as well as its delicious taste.

They also liked BTS bottled coffee which has 3 different flavors: vanilla latte, macadamia mocha latte, americano.

Thanks for the visitors

A lot of people came by and showed their interest in our BTS and Korean products. Although we couldn't offer our canned coffee on site to the BTS fans, fortunately many visitors took the opportunity to order online and have it delivered directly to their homes around the world. BTS fans were so kind and sweet!

Visitors who have participated in our Insagram hashtag event got their free Korean jelly coupon and they really enjoyed it. All the jelly candies ran out so quickly!!

It was such a good opportunity to promote KIMDELSSOHN.SHOP to many people from all over the world.

Thank you again for coming and see you soon :) !


Pictures of BTS canned coffee taken during our trip to the USA

Our BTS canned coffee in front of the

official merchandise booth permission to dance on stage.

This is KIMDELSSOHN staff T-shirt with QR code!

Once scanned, it directly leads to our online store, :)

So many people came to BTS Las Vegas concert!

It was the moment when we realize the popularity of K-pop and BTS abroad.

At the Venetian Hotel :)

We couldn’t help taking a picture because the lights and the artificial canal were so beautiful.

Drinking cold coffee after swimming was so refreshing.

What a paradise!!!

In front of the Bellagio Fountain where BTS music was playing and

BTS members also visited before their concert.

The landscape of Grand Canyon was spectacular!

We took out our camera with BTS canned coffee as always.

Each members are printed on the label of the bottled coffee.

This new edition makes BTS fans want to collect them all!

We had a lot of fun while running our own booth and meeting lots of good people.

We won't forget this precious moment.

Thanks for reading

Enjoy your day :)


For more details about these products, go to

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