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About Us


At Kimdelssohn, we value the cultures and ideas of many different countries around the world.

Our focus is not only on profits, but also sharing our corporate values in everything we do.

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Major activities

Luxury products / Fresh products


Exclusive sourcing / Wholesale pricing Goods


Daily Delivery / Domestic Delivery (import)/ Abroad Delivery (Export)

IMPORT/ EXPORT / Distribution

KIMDELSSOHN confidently offer to its customers a "three-day delivery from France to Korea"

and "fast delivery in less than 24 hours from Korea", with the possibility of an"evening home delivery".


Kimdelssohn's comparative advantages :

1. Delivery from France to Korea in 3 days

2. Domestic delivery from Korea fast in 1 day only, and possibility during the evening 3. Sourcing & purchases of various foreign products

(fresh food, household items/interior decorations, luxury products, etc.)

4. Exclusive Supply or Wholsale Price Offer

5. Export of Korean products (abroad) and import of foreign products (Korea)


- Character and content development, art and culture content, PB product development

- Sourcing overseas products (import) & researching overseas markets (export)

- Sourcing and distributing trendy beauty items, home-living items, luxury items, and overseas direct purchase (purchasing agency) for European premium food and artisan food

- Import and export

- Brand consulting and digital marketing

- E-commerce

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Will to live in the present

Right Food.

Mission to create a brighter future

Education & Children.

The door to the past and coexistence over time.

Culture & Art.

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